Customer: Novacor Chemicals Moore Site
Description: Construction of 200 Car Storage and Switching Facility
Value: $7.9 Million

Customer: Metrolinx
Description: Stouffville Phase 2 Project
Value: >$9 Million

Customer: Cando Contracting L.B. Foster Ltd.
Description: Removal of 300 miles of track from Pembroke, ON to Capreol, ON through Algonquin Park
Value: $1.3 Million

Customer: Cando Contracting L.B. Formet Industries
Description: Construction of three miles of track and 19 switches for the new Magna parts plant in St. Thomas, ON
Value: $1.1 Million

Customer: Curran Contractors, Novacor
Description: Construction of truck rail loading facility at Novacor Chemicals Ltd, St. Clair site
Value: $350,000

Customer: E.S. Fox Ltd.
Description: Construction of storage yard for Celanese Canada Ltd, Milhaven, ON
Value: $900,000

Customer: Local plants and Refineries
Description: Ongoing maintenance contracts
Value: $20,000 - $150,000 per year per plant

Customer: Westinghouse Canada Ltd, Hamilton, ON
Description: Resetting of cross-level to accommodate oversize reactor cards
Value: $256,000

Customer: Cando Contracting Magna Plant St. Thomas, ON
Description: Construction of 4,400 ft. passing track c/w 2 #10 turnouts
Value: $230,000

Customer: Seimens Westinghouse, Hamilton, ON
Description: Construction and installation of two complimenting track diamonds
Value: $380,000

Customer: GEXR Railway
Description: Tie changeout and resurfacing program Stratford to St. Thomas, ON
Value: $22,000

Customer: American Railcar Inc.
Description: Construction of railcar repair yard, Sarnia, ON
Value: $209,000
New in 2014, an Expansion to this Yard.  Value: $400,000

Customer: OMYA Canada
Description: Expansion of the railyard in Perth, ON
Value: $1.1 Million

Customer: Cando Contracting
Description: Construction of the Utopia interchange and yard, Barrie, ON
Value: $300,000

Customer: Canac
Description: Installing seven miles of CWR on the Uxbridge Sub for GO Transit, Toronto, ON
Value: $2.2 Million

Customer: Via Rail
Description: Undercutting of apx. five miles of track on the Alexandria Sub for Via Rail, Alexandria, ON
Value: $2.1 Million

Customer: Metrolinx
Description: Construct additional Commuter Rail line Newmarket Sub
Value: >$5 Million

Customer: Canadian National Railway
Description: Ongoing Construction and Maintenance projects Since 2001
Value: > $8 Million annually

Customer: Canadian Pacific Railway
Description: Ongoing Construction and Maintenance crew Since 2006
Value: > $3 Million annually

Customer: VIP/Dockside
Description: Rail yard expansions in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Value: >$2