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About Us

OWS Railroad Construction & Maintenance is a leader in the rail industry with a reputation with Class 1, Transit, and Industrial rail operators as having the most experienced and productive work crews in the business. This depth of field experience, dedication to safety, combined with the newest and most reliable fleet of specialty rail equipment makes OWS Railroad Construction & Maintenance the contractor of choice in Eastern Canada.


Since its inception, OWS Railroad Construction & Maintenance has secured many large railway projects across Eastern Canada. Our customer base includes Class 1 & 2, Short Line, Industry served by rail, and Transit.


Lake Shore West Line

  • July 2023


Anti-Trespass Panel Installations

  • Scheduled Completion December 2021


Dyna-Cat Surfacing

  • Scheduled Completion November 2021

Nova Chemicals


  • Scheduled Completion February 2023


Undercutting Newmarket Sub

  • Scheduled Completion November 2021

Nova Chemicals

Moore Railyard Expansion

  • January 2018

Our Services

Leading Eastern Canada’s railway industry with fully integrated turnkey services and solutions means being able to do it all.

Track Construction

OWS is an expert in all aspects of railroad construction.

Track Inspection & Maintenance

Regular and thorough inspections by trusted industry experts ensures your track remains in safe and optimal operating condition.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Less machine downtime means higher safety and more productivity for your business.

Railcar Switching

Our team has the technical know-how and experience to manage and deliver your railcars back to the mainline safely, efficiently, and damage-free.